We are now taking submissions for new art projects.

NOTE: Approved projects only. Pharos Editions is not a print lab. or bureau.


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Pharos Editions is the publishing arm of the Pharos Centre. For details see About Us.

Activities include:

Custom Art Projects - specializing in digital strategies to modify recorded images to the response of human perception to the real world.

Fine Art Publishing - Editioning and Artist's Books  - from digital files to archival papers. Mounting, framing and traditional hand binding arranged.

Custom digital edit strategies for luminosity, depth, dimension, volume and presence in fine art prints.

Special software (not Photoshop) for resizing, sharpening and other tasks.

Museum standards throughout.

Exhibition design including narrative sequencing ,constructions in space and time and

opening/presentation performances.

All above and more in close collaboration with artist.


Recent Exhibitions

Paula Mahoney, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane, "Just a  Touch of Death".

Eliza Hutchison, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, "A Hair in the Gate".

Jacqueline Henshaw, Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne, "Manicured Visions"